TUATUA Down Sleeping Bag Review

TUATUA Down Sleeping Bag

The TUATUA Down Sleeping Bag is built with a well-thought design that’s spacious enough to easily accept two adults on a camping trip.

It has the very useful temperature rating at -0.4° F/18° C. Plus, this sleeping bag has the convenient arm holds which are certain to benefit many people, especially those that love to read before going to sleep.

Features You’ll Value

Very warm and comfortable, the TUATUA Down Sleeping Bag is suitable for most occasions from lightweight camping to backpacking. Let’s take a look at a few of the most pleasing qualities:


The high-quality build of the TUATUA sleeping bag is based on a durable 320T nylon shell and pongee lining that is filled with duck down. The warm nature of this lining means the camper is more likely to stay warm and cozy in the frigid weather. A great quality of pongee is that it is not only very comfortable and soft, but also makes no rustling noise for the peaceful sleeping environment. Plus, this sleeping bag is waterproof to make sure is it practical for camping.

Color Options

This TUATUA sleeping bag is available in a choice of color schemes such as red/gray or blue/gray for the outer shell and gray for the lining.

Rated to

The temperature rating for this sleeping bag is up to -0.4℉ which makes a practical option for camping in very cold weather.


The full size of the TUATUA bag is 82.6 inches by 31.5 inches by 1 inch which is spacious enough to easily accept two adults in comfort. Plus, the sleeping bag is packaged with a compression sack (folds bag to a length of about 9.8 inches) to make it very easy to carry and store.


The design of this sleeping bag is washable and foldable to make it very easy to maintain even after the long camping trips. A useful feature is the 2 Velcro hands out places that make it very easy to watch a movie or read a book while staying snug and warm in the sleeping bag. YKK zippers are part of this bag to avoid issues with snagging. Similar to many other sleeping bags it is possible to use the sleeping bag as two singles or zippered together for one large bag for couples.


  • Quick and easy to zip together
  • Nice noise reduction lining
  • The fabric is waterproof to make a very practical choice for hiking or camping


  • May not be a practical option for the tallest campers at 6-foot or more

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