Coleman Pop-up Tent

Coleman Pop Up Tent

Coleman Pop Up Tent

Coleman Pop-up Tent


Sometimes all you want to do when you go camping is enjoy the great outdoors. The one thing you do not want to spend your time doing is setting up a tent. Or if you are going to a festival and you do not want to spend so much money on accommodation and you want to be near where the action is. This is this is the tent you are looking for. The Coleman Pop-up tent, it is exactly as the name describes. You can set it up in less than a minute and you are off to enjoy yourself or ready to crash after a day of adventure.



This type comes in different sizes, from a 2-person pop-up tent to a 6-person pop-up tent. This means you can go as a group and share. Depending on the size it can be quite spacious with room for camp pads but obviously not airbeds. It comes with pre-assembled poles which make set up very easy and the Colman people actually say it should take up to 10secs to set it up. The seams of the tent are tapes to prevent leaking in case of rain so you know you will be kept dry.

Depending on which direction the rain is coming from and the wind you get a multi-position rainfly which also helps to keep the rain out and also provides ventilation. You know when it rains you can still get lots of fresh air in the tent. It is 7 feet 6 inches by 4 feet 5 inches for the standard size. The center height is 2 feet 11 inches. This means you don’t need to be crawling entirely to get from one side to the next.



It come with two storage pockets so you don’t have a cluttered tent and keep your gear organized. When packing up it will go completely flat making it easy to put away.



  • Very quick and easy to set up
  • You are protected from the weather, rain and wind
  • Great ventilation that can be adjusted
  • Easy to pack up
  • Has a bit of storage
  • Very stable
  • Great quality



  • You would need to buy an extra fly for the entrance in case it rains to keep it from coming in when people are going in and out


Overall experience

This tent is perfect for quick trips and festivals, it is easy to carry around, easy to set up so you are not wasting time trying to pitch your tent. For a group of friends out to have fun and save money this is the tent for you.

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