Coleman 5 Gallon Water Jug

Hi,  have you ever been to Cades Cove campground in the Great Smoky Mountains? Then you know there’s no water hookup, there’s no power hookup so you have to bring your own. Or you can break down your camp and come in to town to fill up the tank on your camper. If you do not plan on spending to many days and limit your water usage you might get by. If you do like we do and stay for a week you may have to refill the potable tank. Again this depends on how much you use it. You can carry a water storage container and just haul some extra with you. Coleman 5 gallon jug.

You can get a collapsible storage container from Amazon for about fifteen bucks. The one I prefer is the coleman 5 gallon hard sided jug it’s really sturdy.  It fits inside of the storage compartment on the camper without any trouble.

They don’t take up a tremendous amount of space and gives us five gallons of potable water. We’ve got a 40 gallon tank so it takes a few trips back and forth. We don’t foresee using that much water. Mainly we’re just able to go back and get five or ten gallons to top our tank off. This gets us through the rest of the week which is actually what we ended up doing.

Water Jug Reviews

We decided to do the reviews on the containers after using them. The Coleman 5 gallon seals so much better than the previous jug that we did the review on. We had some leaks and some issues with the collapsible jug. The Coleman 5 gallon so far has been bulletproof throughout the use this week. The big key feature that makes this jug outstanding is underneath the lid there’s an actual rubber seal. It’s not a plastic on plastic gasket it’s actual rubber.

Coleman took the extra step with that rubber seal in there. Once you put it on and snug it down and your vents are closed it won’t leak. You can literally turn this jug up on its side turn it upside down it doesn’t leak.

The on off valve is just super simple I mean back is closed forward is open. Back is closed either side you push it to as long as you push it all the way back it’s closed. there’s no questioning there’s no having to read it to figure out which way it is or anything it’s just simple open closed open closed super simple easy to use thoroughly enjoy it this is definitely going to be our go-to jug for a camping. We will probably pick up a second one of these. We’ll put the other jug aside and use it in case of an emergency or something to that extent. So definitely check out the Coleman 5 gallon jug on Amazon we’ll put a link in the description